Since the arrest and incarceration rates are increasing it would be helpful to see a criminal be punished in order to set a precedent for others who are thinking of committing the crime. The fact is, just like in the instance where my neighbor was burglarized twice, others are reluctant to get involved for fear that they might also be victimized. On my block, there were some neighbors who told us in private that they had heard noise or seen suspicious characters, but when questioned by police said they were asleep. I think it should be part of a good Samaritan conduct law to come forward. I know police make an effort to provide some protection to citizens who come forward and that fact should be made more well known to would be witnesses. Overall, I would say that is the biggest take home message I got from this article: Do not be predicable. Make your home less of a target by making it less vulnerable, and make it hidden if the home is vulnerable such as when you are on vacation. Should your home be broken into despite all precautions, do not keep your valuables where they will be easily found and place the most valuable small items in a secure safe. The statistics can show you where burglars have made progress and give a reliable indicator for what a burglar looks for when targeting a home. Taking precautions to avoid those likely scenarios will help you and your family keep from becoming part of the statistic yourselves. I like this aspect of the law, since entering a structure without breaking in, such as walking through an unlocked door to a dorm, is still a crime, and if the person did not steal anything it would be difficult to prove in court that there was any intent. com mobile appContractNo Contract1 year or 3 year contractInstallationDo It YourselfDo It YourselfYard SignHome Automation Automate your lights, door locks, and thermostats using Z Wave technology.

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